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Molly Burke – YouTube Star for Audible

Molly Burke Photographed By Chris Sanders

Very excited to meet and photograph Molly Burke for her new audiobook. If you are not familiar with Molly: She is a young, wonderful motivational speaker, disability rights advocate, and a prolific YouTuber with almost two million followers. Molly was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare retinal disease causing loss of vision when she was just 4 years old and lost the majority of her vision by age 14. She speaks all over North America to large groups about overcoming adversity and promoting diversity.

We shot in a studio in Los Angeles. It was my team with her team devising many looks with a variety of clothes and chairs. Molly has a lot of energy and we ended up with some great images for her Audible book cover.

Special thanks to her guide dog, Gallop, for being so patient with us.

Molly Burke Photographed By Chris Sanders
Molly Burke Photographed By Chris Sanders
Molly Burke Photographed By Chris Sanders

New Aaptiv Video: Directors Cut!

This is my director’s cut of the lifestyle videos I created with some actors for Aaptiv.  Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that contains trainer guidance (and great music) to keep you going regardless of your workout: running, eliptical, strength, etc.  Shot in Soho here in New York as well as a great West Side studio near Hudson Yards.


Nick Offerman for Audible!

Great pleasure to photograph a very funny man, Nick Offerman.  We had a great time on set in LA as he played with our various medieval props.  He was reading, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court for Audible.

Robert Caro for Audible

I had the great opportunity to meet and photograph a very smart man, Robert Caro.  Caro who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Power Broker, a biography of Robert Moses. Moses was responsible for much of the transportation structure (good and bad) for the City.

Mr. Caro, who wears a suit everyday and reports to his personal office on a strict schedule for his business of writing is a very determined and focused individual.  Now in his 80’s, he read his memoirs and the creation of the Moses book for Audible.



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