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Talk Talk Blah Blah Chris Sanders Photography

Martin Sheen for Audible!

Martin Sheen completed a Podcast-type project for Audible called The Home Front.  It’s about life at home while WWII was under way overseas.  Martin is a history buff and really got deep into the material.  A perfect gentleman on the set, he walked around to each crew member and asked their name.  For me, having been a film student, his role in one of my favorite movies, Apocalypse Now, was enough reason to want to meet, photograph and direct him.





Audible: Richard Armitage

Another portrait session with the Audible team! This time with actor Richard Armitage who you might have seen in The Hobbit, Alice through the Looking Glass, or Captain America. Narrating Romeo and Juliet: A Novel,  Armitage’s sophisticated tone and Shakespeare’s tragic and gloomy storytelling bring out a perfect modern spin on the classic tale.


Southern Poverty Law PSA: Directing Chelsea Clinton and Piper Perabo

I recently directed Chelsea Clinton and Piper Perabo for a Southern Poverty Law PSA!

SPLC partnered with prominent advocates, politicians, and community leaders in the U.S. to put together a video to get the message out about discrediting hate speech in all it’s forms.


Chelsea Clinton Directed by Chris Sanders

Piper Perabo Directed by Chris Sanders

Here’s i what they had to say,

“Our day-to-day mission is modest: production simplified. We’ve certainly come across all different types of messages, initiatives, stories, and folks from different walks of life, but one mission we’re especially proud to have been a part of is Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) 10 Ways to Fight Hate.

One year after the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia, SPLC is challenging everyone to act, join forces, speak up, and educate ourselves on how to navigate and stamp out hate speech, in all its forms, which has sadly become more and more prevalent in everyday life.”

Southern Poverty Law Chelsea Clinton

Check out the final video here, and find out ways you can stand up to hate today.

Aaptiv Photo/Video Shoot # 2: Trainers and Behind the Scenes

I recently completed another series of images and videos for Aaptiv, the fitness app.  This time it was working with the super-fit trainers who create these intense programs. (What you haven’t tried it yet?!).  We shot in the studio for several days putting some very super-humans through the drills and moves that they make look so easy.  A great quote from my assistant cameraman was “We are just mere mortals and they are here to save us.”  We also had a DJ on set (the app is about the music, too.) and that was a blast.

Behind the Scenes


Not all the trainers could be there at the same.  So we shot them in several sequences and retouched it together.  See Below:


Hilton Hotels Project : Beautiful Landscapes, Relaxing Vibes, and Behind the Scenes

I recently shot a Hilton Advertising campaign for GSDM at a couple of the their properties in Hawaii and San Francisco. It was a very fast-paced schedule but there were so many beautiful views and the weather was perfect. The serene atmosphere at each hotel made the shooting process a breeze!  It was a three-parter; we shot stills, video, and drone work.  We’d set up lifestyle scenes; shoot the stills, then I would direct the actors for a video segment, followed by aerial drone work using the lifestyle scene.  The campaign ran at airports all over the US as billboards and video displays.  Some of the video work appeared in that long video screen display at the American Airlines terminal at JFK between the Check-in area and the Gates.  That was fun to see as I was on my way to fly to another location.  Below is my director’s cut from the footage.

Director/Photographer: Chris Sanders
Client: Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Agency: GSD&M
Creative Director: Jon Williamson
Associate Creative Director: Leigh Browne
Art Director: Verenice Lopez
Art Producer: Nicole Lloyd


Behind the Scenes

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This is the production blog for Photographer/Director Chris Sanders; filled with mutterings and musing to ponder. Please visit his website at www.chris-sanders.com. Unless otherwise noted, all images are Copyright Chris Sanders. All uses are strictly reserved.

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