This is a grouping of interesting photographs that I have taken and grouped. They are Personal Photos and typically don’t appear in my regular portfolio. They may not be “on Brand.”  I just love to shoot.

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For years now, I have been shooting portraits of artists, most in their place of work. We usually only see a piece of art as it’s displayed on a white wall at the gallery.  It’s great to see where it was created and what environment the artist uses to create their work.  I’ve been very fortunate to have met and photographed some very interesting people.  Most have been here in New York, but when I travel I try to reach out to others.  I’ve created a website to begin showing this work (some are in my portrait section of my website).  I’ve started to load them into  I’ll update periodically with some more people.  I also created a hand bound book of the first group of artists.  It’s displayed in the video below.

Here’s the online version of the book: Project:Artist


Polaroid Mini-Book


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I made a small book of some of my Polaroids. It’s a mix of old Polaroid and new Impossible Project Instant Film. I love to shoot with my grandfather’s SX-70 Alpha 1 camera. It’s all pre-Instagram filters so you never really know what you are going to get. That’s what I have liked about the magic of Polaroid and also my Holga camera. These objects inspire me.




I’ve been capturing Botanicals for sometime now. I have a personal love of landscape design and plant material.




Open publication

In my still photography work, I typically work with models that can act or actors that will model to convey realistic and natural emotion and scenarios. For this personal project, I cast actors that could give me their portrayal of the very raw emotion of anger, confusion and frustration. I produced a little mini book that I printed and sent to select clients. It’s very different from my usual work but I liked to break out at times and shoot something that may not be so on Brand.  For the set-up I worked with very strong direct light and minimal wardrobe or propping. The actors are people that I had previously cast for other projects but I knew they could give me the intensity that I wanted.

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