Artist Series: Tim Davis in the Woods

I had the pleasure of capturing Fine Art Photographer and Teacher Tim Davis on the prowl in the woods in upstate New York for my artists book project. … In this situation, Tim was very into this area of woods and roams deep into it

Artist Series: Adam Cvijanovic

As I continue my Artist Series, I visited the studio of Adam Cvijanovic.  He was working a large mural for a show in Europe.  The work was a progression of scenes.  The master mural was the base, then he was adding a second, third, and fourth layer to the piece over...

Artist Series: David Humphrey

He had sculpture in there, of course his paintings, and a great “creative” zone for his drawings and sketches. So much was going on there but he had a structure to the organization that I think helps him maintain his sanity including his guitar for breaks (he’s also in a band).

New and Improved Portrait Portfolio!

I have added quite a few new portraits to the portrait section of my website at  These images largely represent many of the artists that I have been photographing as part of a personal artists series.  I have been really enjoying this series of...

Wangechi Mutu at Deutsche Guggenheim

Wangechi Mutu was named “Artist of the Year” in the first exhibition in Deutsche BankÔÇÖs new ÔÇ£Artist of the YearÔÇØ program at the Deutsche Guggenheim. Wangechi is one of the artists I have photographed for my artists series.  I wrote about it earlier...

Artist Series: Lars Fisk

His pieces can be large and small but always made with the utmost care…. He works out of an outdoor space at the Socrates Sculpture Garden in Queens.

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