Artists Series: Visit with Pat Steir

Pat Steir Paintbrushes Pat Steir has this fantastic studio on 26th street that is filled with light and has high ceilings which give her plenty of room to make her massive paintings…. To create some of her work, she throws the paint at the canvas in various ways to create her luminous patterns and shapes.

Artists Series: Delia Brown

I shot her in her Brooklyn studio in her paint clothes not the high end clothes of her alter-ego. She was working on the continuation of a series of images that are based on the film, “Les Bitches.”

Artist Series: TM Davy

He has covered the walls with his work including some paintings which are painted right on the walls!… He quickly sketches the sitter than later pain-stakiingly adds the Carvaggio touches that he is known for.

Artist Series: Pedro Bardeito

His previous show had a lot of grids and building perspectives to it echoing his early life as an architecture student…. That’s part of the fun of these studio visits-to see how their minds work as they figure out the next piece.

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