Artist Series: Kira Lynn Harris

When I first met her she was working with mylar reflections and how they distort and change your perception. She continues to work with light and reflective surfaces in another piece which splashes mesmerizing streaks up the wall.

Artist Series: Hilary Harkness

Her paintings of lovely, sexy, curvy women at play, sometimes in some x-rated behaviour are very provocative.In researching her on Google. I came up with a rave of her work on Esquire magazine’s site and a listing that Google had identified as “pornographic.”

Artists Series: Anna Conway, Heather Rowe, Kevin Zucker

  It’s interesting to see such good friends working close to each other but each able to maintain their own identity. Anna was working on a piece that later went up at Guild and Greyskul ,  The gallery was closing and they had a huge show with works by most of the artists that they had shown over the years.

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