Artists Series: Leah Tinari

Leah photographs her friends (and herself) having a great time. Those photos, especially the ones many people would just discard or delete, she immortalizes in her paintings.

Artist Series: Brian Belott

Brian is zany. And I don’t think he would mind that description. Through his actions and his art, he really makes you think outside the box. I photographed him in his home and his studio. His studio is filled with piles and piles of “reference...

Artist Series: Brendan Cass

Brendan is the guy with the florescent paint! He is a very thoughtful man and produces these huge canvas with brilliant color. His inspiration comes from these postcards that he collects. The studio itself has windows on two sides with tons of sunlight. The floor of...

Artist Series: Mika Rottenberg

Mika Rottenberg at her apartment. I usually photograph artists in their working environment but she was in-between projects so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet her.

Artist Series: Kiki Smith

Kiki works out of her brownstone on the Lower East Side. It’s a beautiful and quiet space. There is no separate “studio space. She creates art anywhere in the space that she feels inspired.

Artist Series: Leonardo Drew

Leonardo is a sculptor. He works on several pieces at one, lining up smaller sections on the floor. The studio is a unique structure in Queens. His street is mostly small residential brownstones but his building is a three story block building with a two story working...

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