I made a small book of some of my Polaroids.  It’s a mix of old Polaroid and new Impossible Project Instant Film.  I love to shoot with my grandfather’s SX-70 Alpha 1 camera.  It’s all pre-Instagram filters so you never really know what you are going...

Two Live Action TV commercials

Since much of my lifestyle print is based on scripted action, talent that can act, and a fluid camera style, I felt very nature with a live action commercial. For you tech heads, we shot with the RED and not because of itÔÇÖs ability to do 4K stills but itÔÇÖs large sensor which allowed us to use some excellent optics like Cooke primes and Anginuex zooms.

Creativity: More Thoughts on Keeping it Flowing

One book that I have enjoyed is Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain by Stefan Mumaw …. No copying mind you, but sometimes a texture, the model, or the mood gives you an idea of a photo you can call your own.

Creativity: 10 Points to Keeping It Going

I have a set of cards (business card stock from Avery) that I printed Characters names on, another set with an action (verb), another set with locations (barbershop, Loft, Car Dealership) and a adverb set (aggressively, lovingly,with revenge)…. It’s a selection of cards with various things to do like: Problem Solver When working on something I follow these instructions: When working on a photo, I gather every resource I can from story ideas, styliing notes, casting information and go thru it all.

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