Trip to Germany

If you don’t shake it up, you lose sight of the things that excite you. … I shot the following with my iphone and have been posting through Instagram to my twitter feed but I thought I would place the photos here as well.

Visual Leaders in Photography-Hamburg

I’m over here in Germany for a pre-pro meeting with the agency and clients before my Barcelona shoot…. With so many magazines in the US folding and the constant buzz of video, video, it was nice to see some great reasons that the still photo rocks!

Mont Tremblant, Canada

We went fishing and swimming in the lake; I did a lot of mountain biking on some very tough and wet trails…. She has only done climbing gyms before so it was great to get her on some real stone!

Weekend Fishing

Every summer we would go to the Jersey Shore and get a house for a week on Long Beach Island…. The Hamptons is really Manhattan by the beach with all the fabulous restaurants or maybe Westchester by the beach with all the manicured lawns.

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