Advertising Decisions

Chris Sanders_Archive US.jpg Chris Sanders_Archive_cougar.jpg Chris Sanders_At_edge.jpg Oh, do I understand what my clients go through when determining what ads are going to work and what are not. I advertise several places and one of the most difficult things in determining what photos to place where.

The Video Newspaper is Here

Fresh off the press is my Video Newspaper. Is that an Oxymoron? Well, I understand how difficult it is to convey your video commercials and motion work in print. I think we were fairly successful. I have been using the newspaper format to showcase my work for several...

Just Released! My Little Travel Book (Promo!)

Every year I send out a travel promotion to showcase some of the travel work I have been doing. Last year it was a newspaper (see it in the newspaper section on my website).  This year I printed a small twenty page book and mailed it to a select few.

On the Set

It’s been a while since I have written here on what’s going on. It’s been a crazy and intense few months and I hope to catch up with you here. It seems like advertising has re-launched. I have been very busy shooting a number of projects. I...

Newspaper Vol. 8-The Lake

The current copy of my newspaper is out.┬á It’s from a shoot I did at an Upstate New York Lake with real people talent.┬á An all teen cast.┬á We spent a day shooting various themes around the water.┬á Many of the cast were lifeguards.┬á They would come over to...

The New Site!!

Before I had a three photo panel so I had to edit for that and my printed portfolio separately…. I use to just show case lifestyle photography and keep a tab for the portrait and travel stuff but now I have changed my mind and want to show it all!!

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