Want Something Warm? Tiamo Resort in Bahamas

All right, we’ve had enough with the cold here in New York. What do I think about when it’s cold. Well, here’s some shots I did for a tiny Bahamian Resort called Tiamo.  Built on Andros Island, it’s a remote oasis of calm.  Ten Cottages.  Big...

Time Lapse Room with a View, Cologne Germany

[vimeo 21723088 nolink] Here’s a time lapse video I did from my hotel room in Cologne, Germany.  I had a great room (#302) at the Dom Hotel. The windows opened up right onto the Cathedral and the Square. I set the camera up for 5 hours taking one frame every...

Trip to Germany

If you don’t shake it up, you lose sight of the things that excite you. … I shot the following with my iphone and have been posting through Instagram to my twitter feed but I thought I would place the photos here as well.

Flying in a Blizzard

After an hour on hold with the telephone hotline I was told by a Jet Blue rep that we were on the stand by list for tomorrow (the next confirmed seat was Jan 3!) … They would just start calling names and if you were not right there, you got bumped With gates changing constantly and some flights being delayed it was a gamble as to which south bound airplane we should stake our standby status at.

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