A month ago, I wrote about ten creativity tips. Here’s the link if you missed it.┬á This month I have a couple more. Any exercise that gets you looking at a project or idea in a different light or a different angle may awaken new thoughts and new directions.

One book that I have enjoyed is Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain by Stefan Mumaw. You don’t have to do every page but try a few.

Take a look at this website of one-liners, OneSentence.org. No it’s not a humor site to laugh away the recession blues. It’s a collection of thought provoking sentences that make me envision whole scenes and dramas.

Some examples:

Story #3169

The first time I met my father was when he made a delivery to my house as a UPS worker.

Story #3130

After our older son declared his desire to be a veterinarian, the seven-year-old said, “I want to be a Chinese man.”

Story #3164

My heart broke as I pulled the black cape around my neck and saw the tag that was labeled, “Does not enable you to fly.”

Story #3148

Last night I met a Recon Marine who moonlights as a clown at children’s parties.

Are you a visual person? Maybe seeing some great photographs gives you ideas to shoot some yourself. No copying mind you, but sometimes a texture, the model, or the mood gives you an idea of a photo you can call your own.

Collect them or look to see what comes up randomly at FFFFound.com

I mention before about checking out the art scene for a very different perspective. I visit this site to see what is happening around me.  Artcat.com

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