Previously, I showed some behind the scenes of a Broadcast TV commercial I directed in Puerto Rico. Now that it’s out and on TV, I can tell you about it. The piece was for BIC Soleil razors. We cast some very beautiful, happy, energetic and leggy actors to bring on the “sun.” We used the beautiful and very sunny island of Puerto Rico as our location but not for the palm trees and beaches. We actually scouted for locations that could be almost anywhere in North America. For the traffic scene, we were able to stop and divert traffic very easily to get our technocrane in an opposing lane of traffic. The rain scene is shot in a park with some very interesting rain towers. They had swirling heads at the top and that made the water fall more naturally. We shot on the RED Epic to get some great slow motion coverage. My local crew was top notch having worked on many features including “Pirates of the Caribbean.” I felt like I was working with New York or LA crew, they were so buttoned up.

I worked very closely with the agency who were a pleasure to work with. It’s one of the things that I love about advertising, the collaboration. It was great to bounce ideas off each other and further develop the piece.

Client: Bic Soleil
Agency: Source Marketing
Creative Director: Chris Healey
Agency Producer: Keelin Claire Nothwang
Exec Producer: Jenn Kim/AndersonHopkins

Producer: Antonio Betancourt/ResonaciaPR

Editor: Kate Owen/Hooligan

Grade and Finish at The Mill

For visual continuity, I was asked to shoot the print ads as well. As the director, I knew what were the better scenes that would work in stills. Also, I was able to easily work the “stills” time into the production. Since I usually shoot with HMI’s for my still work, no relighting was necessary. This enabled us to get everything, stills and motion, efficiently and to visually tie it all together.

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