TodayÔÇÖs location is in Brooklyn. IÔÇÖm using 12k HMI to simulate the sunrise. I work with Hot lights because I want to instantly see what the effect is of the light as the actor moves around. Also, I think the quality of light is cleaner from these lights than from strobe. Photography is all about the light. I love to light a set. IÔÇÖm very into motivational light. I want my light to feel that it is coming from someplace real. Maybe IÔÇÖm too sensitive but when I see a movie in which the lighting is unreal I canÔÇÖt get into the story. Maybe thatÔÇÖs why I donÔÇÖt like situation TV comedy. The sets are almost always lit flatly so you can see the actors face at every turn.

For todayÔÇÖs shoot, IÔÇÖve pre-lit the living room for several set-ups. We had to bring in a truck mounted generator for power. Sometimes I feel like we are doing a small movie and maybe we could if I swapped out my Contax for an arri. I shot this with my Contax 645 adapted with a Phase back.┬á I love the lens on this camera and prefer the brighter F-stop.┬á Today we are tethered to the computer but many times (particularly with the Canons) I am shooting to cards to upload “contact sheets” periodically.

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