My next newspaper is out and in the mail. I produced this newspaper as part of my ongoing series of “Themed” newspapers. Typically, the papers contain images that come from my personal photo shoots. I print over 6000 of them and mail them to creatives around the US and Europe. I really enjoy putting them together. The paper format allows me to print many images LARGE. And what do photographers like more than to print their photos big! It’s very retro to feel the paper and ink and work with the printer to convert the image for the page. I print on a small press here in New York. It’s a real art project for the printer as they typically do ethnic text-based newspapers. The newspaper is visible on-line at Or here as a downloadable PDF. Eight of my favorite papers are on my website under “Paper Series.”
Stylist: Annie Nicholas/Ennis
M/U: Brenda Momperousse
Hair: George Kyriakos
Models: Jae, Sam, Gene, Marcia from Major. Shin, Lays, Monica from Images. Travis from Wilhelmina.

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