Femibion from Chris Sanders on Vimeo.

My Femibion commercial is out! Femibion is a new vitamin product from Merck/Seven Seas, launching for the first time in the UK. This was a very exciting project. The commercial was done for the some of the same creative team that I shot the Nivea/Labello print ads for.┬á Only this time, I was directing motion and photographing stills. Since I already shoot my stills with actors and script out scenes to photograph, I already had in place my workflow and creative process for this motion piece. But, wow, was this on a big scale!. Here’s the production shots that I previously posted if you haven’t seen those. I felt like a kid in a candy shop with all the options that we could cover. The crews were fantastic and so organized. There were so many scenes, we decided to shoot the entire piece all at one large estate in Long Island. The estate had several different homes and provided many different looks. We even built the office set in a large room at the main house. And, it turned out to be an excellent opportunity to shoot with the RED ONE camera.┬á I’m hooked now. I’ve always loved shooting little stories with my stills.┬á Now, I’m adding video!┬á As a matter of fact I just shot this week a spec coffee commercial.┬á I’ll post that here when I have it edited.┬á As well as on my website’s video section.

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