We have done improvements on my main website at www.chris-sanders.com. Some you can see and others you can’t. Paul Larrow at Feast did a great job of designing and implementing new features on top of the original Chad Portas design. First off, Paul was able to build in a back-end interface that lets us make up-to-the-minute changes in the portfolio without having to recreate the flash files. That’s a big help when I want to get out the latest images. Paul also created a new video player which uses Vimeo to enable me to showcase my growing body of video work. Finally, the tearsheet section is more animated to show off actual tearsheets rather than just the client names. I’m very happy that Feast was able to give us this flexibility and expansion capabilities while allowing us to maintain the current look of the site. FYI, we are still in Flash as I like the experience but maintain a separate HTML site for mobile and Ipad devices.

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