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Talk Talk Blah Blah Chris Sanders Photography

Artists Series: Lisa Sanditz

Here’s some more from the artist series. I was upstate photographing painter Lisa Sanditz. She works out of a studio building that is behind her house. She paints these beautiful color pieces.  I also shot her in the house with her partner, Tim Davis.  They are into their cats. There is a giant paper mache cat on her porch, leftovers from a party.

Artist Series: Jason Middlebrook

This time I visited Jason Middlebrook up at his house and studio in Upstate New York. Situated along a stream, it’s an idyllic setting for his works inspired by nature. He was working on some pieces for a show as well as more from his “Fungi” series. His daughter came along for our exploration of the area as well.

A Story about Moi

I was interviewed by Matt Dutile for the Digital Photography School website.  Matt and I chatted here in my New York office.  I was very flattered.  Here’s the link.  Thanks Matt!

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This is the production blog for Photographer/Director Chris Sanders; filled with mutterings and musing to ponder. Please visit his website at www.chris-sanders.com. Unless otherwise noted, all images are Copyright Chris Sanders. All uses are strictly reserved.

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