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Directing a Coffee Commerical

[vimeo 22964548 See video at Vimeo]

We completed the editing and here it is. I wrote and directed this coffee commercial.  We shot in a very tight location on a RED. It was a bit of a noisy place. It turned out that the day of our shooting, the house next door was doing construction.  We had to pause when a circular saw would go off!!  Fortunately that wasn’t that often.

Personal Project: Tempest

In my still photography work, I typically work with models that can act or actors that will model to convey realistic and natural emotion and scenarios. For this personal project, I cast actors that could give me their portrayal of the very raw emotion of anger, confusion and frustration. I produced a little mini book on MagCloud of it, that I printed and sent to select clients. I also send out an email to some of my previous clients and ÔÇ£hot listÔÇØ prospects with a gallery link. ItÔÇÖs very different from my usual work but I liked to break out at times and shoot something that may not be so ÔÇ£on Brand.ÔÇØ For the set-up I worked with very strong direct light and minimal wardrobe or propping. The actors are people that I had previously cast for other projects but I knew they could give me the intensity that I wanted.

Shooting for T-Mobile and Publicis

Girl in VW Van

VW Party

Girl in a Tree

Roller Skating Kids

Here’s some images I shot in Los Angeles for the creative team at Publicis Seattle and T-Mobile.  I also created a gallery with more to see here.  We shot over several very busy days.  It’s the way I like to work.  We create scenarios and block out specific needs for the client.  Then I shoot around the idea with actors that we cast to bring some life and energy to the party.  Like a mini film!  The key is to work with talent that can act, have a fast hard-working crew and clients/creatives who are open to finding that moment. Stay loose!


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