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The Video Newspaper is Here

Fresh off the press is my Video Newspaper. Is that an Oxymoron? Well, I understand how difficult it is to convey your video commercials and motion work in print. I think we were fairly successful. I have been using the newspaper format to showcase my work for several years, producing about two papers a year.  So I wanted to introduce my clients (and future clients) to my motion work. The paper includes a link to my videos.

Mens’ Journal in Canoa Quebrada, Brazil with Andrew McCarthy

Mens Journal_Chris Sanders

Published in this June/July issue of Mens’ Journal.

Mens’ Journal hired me last summer to travel to a small town in Brazil with actor Andrew McCarthy.  Andrew was there many years ago to shoot a movie.  The magazine had asked him to write on a place that he would go to if he wanted to get away from it all and to “drop” out of society. Well, this place was it.  Relaxed and beautiful, it had good restaurants, a nice beach, plenty of activities to do, and of course, friendly Brazilian people to watch and talk to.  And no Americans!  By day it was a middle class Brazilian family hang out with low rise hotels but at night, the main street turned into a sea of young people who were going from club to club. I went para-sailing, flew ultralights, rode a motorcycle on the beach, drove an ATV up into the big white sand dunes and rode a dune buggy to see the towns down the way via the beach.  Fisherman got up every morning to catch the day’s fish.  Life was moving fairly slowly. It’s always dry there as the town gets very little rainfall and is surrounded by huge white sand dunes.  On top of the dunes the Brazilian government has installed giant wind turbines to take advantage of the constant breeze.   A surprising visual at first but something to get use to as we move to a more environmentally friendly way to get our energy.  Here’s a link to outtakes from the story or click the photo below:

Canoa Quebrada Outtakes

High Above The Eventi!

Chris Sanders at the Eventi

Chris Sanders at the Eventi

I was shooting an outdoor party set-up for Kimpton Hotel Group at the new Eventi hotel here in New York City. It’s conveniently right around the corner from my office at 29th and 6th Avenue. The outdoor space is a patio deck area that is five stories up and I thought it would look great from the building next door. We got our models in action, lit the set-up, and then went to the roof. We didn’t need walkies for this just used our cell phones to call out directions. I love the blurs of the taxis down below. I shot from sunset until just after dusk to get a variety of light. We used hotlights and HMI so I could see the lighting ratio with my eyes and I then was able to call in for gel changes right away. These behind the scenes photos were taken by Tom Judge.

Drumstick On-line Videos and Print ads

Chris Sanders for Drumstick

Chris Sanders for DrumstickChris Sanders for Drumstick

Earlier I wrote about shooting in Miami for an ice cream campaign.  Well, I try to keep everything on the hush hush until the ads/videos are public.   And now that the videos and print ads have been released I wanted to tell you about them.  I was shooting for JWT New York’s client Drumstick.  It’s a summer campaign and the creatives loved my lake newspaper (below) from last summer so it became the inspiration for this shoot.

We shot several young actors playing in the water doing cannonballs and flipping each other over in the canoe.  As well as a water fight between actors playing a son and a dad.  We primarily shot stills and video at the same time but I was also adding on some moments at the end of the still shoot to get some unique perspectives for the video portion.  The interactive and on-line videos were done for the Smith Bros interactive agency. Check out the clients website at for the website video.

There are three web videos we did:  Cannonball, Canoe and Water fight. They are on the main page. Also, here is the pre-roll commercial as well.

[vimeo 11357475]

We shot the stills and the video almost simultaneously.  I set up scenes for the talent to act in.  I, then, photograph those scenes with a still camera and now with a video camera as well.  I have some great cameramen(in this case, Tim Fengolio).  I meet with them in advance and go over what we need to cover plus we have rigged the cameras so I can immediately see what is being shot and direct any changes.

St. Regis New York Ad in W Magazine

St. Regis Ad by Chris Sanders

On the back inside cover of the May issue of Conde Nast’s W magazine is a shot I took for Starwood’s St. Regis Hotel here in New York.  We had to shoot in the lobby very early in the morning (2am) so as not to inconvenience any guests.  I love to show motion in a still frame.


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