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Just Released! My Little Travel Book (Promo!)

Travel Promo



Every year I send out a travel promotion to showcase some of the travel work I have been doing. Last year it was a newspaper (see it in the newspaper section on my website).  This year I printed a small twenty page book and mailed it to a select few.

Conde Nast Traveler Book: A Room With a View

_MG_6093.jpg _MG_6092.jpg _MG_6096.jpg _MG_6099.jpg

This month Assouline has published a beautiful coffee table book of select images from Conde Nast Traveler’s Room with a View column. Room with a View appears in the back of every issue and has a hotel window’s view taken from the guest perspective. I had a couple of images chosen. One from the Four Seasons in New York taken from the Presidential suite at night. The other from a rustic hotel on a remote Indian Island.

Jumping for JWT

We were shooting in Miami for a global ice cream campaign created by JWT, New York. Originally, we hoped to shoot in LA after the last shoot but with recent rains the lakes dropped to 52 degrees. We ended up re-locating to Miami to shoot in slightly warmer waters. You’ll notice the hot tub we brought in to keep the models warm. I kept thinking I should have cast Canadians (with a spray tan). They would have thought it was warm. This was a combination of stills and video, including some water video footage shot with a 5D in a housing.

P1010489.jpg P1010478.jpg P1010483.jpg

Behind the Scenes at a Video Shoot

Recently, I was in LA shooting and directing for 5 days, footage and stills for a Video Spot for a pharma client created by DDB, New York.  I’ll have the spot posted shortly and I’m quite proud of it. Twenty two models were very brave to star in a piece involving the sensitive issue of a sexually transmitted disease. Personally, the shoot was fantastic. All the video was shot with the Canon 5d Mark II. We shot under mostly sunny skies with locations as varied as a Malibu house to a downtown theater. The stills below are from a snow scene we did. With all the snow going on the Northeast, we made it in LA to keep our production moving right along.

Making snow in Los Angelese
















IMG_0304.jpg IMG_0347.jpg

IMG_0355.jpg IMG_0363.jpg


On the Set




It’s been a while since I have written here on what’s going on. It’s been a crazy and intense few months and I hope to catch up with you here. It seems like advertising has re-launched. I have been very busy shooting a number of projects. I don’t know whether it was the rush to spend 2009 budgets or the flush of new 2010 money but I’ve been very fortunate to have some great pieces to work on. Several I can’t tell you much about due to confidentiality agreements but I’ll at least show you some production stills where I can! (That seems to be the most looked at part of this blog).

This project is an on-going Pharma campaign for BMS. It’s been rather exciting to work on because I get to use much of my film background especially working actors. It was a still job but as I have previously mentioned here, I prefer to work with models that can act or in this situation we cast actors that were perfect for the roles. Lighting wise I work with hot lights so I can instantly see the look as the talent move and respond. Plus they, too, can feel their key light and help stay in the “zone” when we are shooting. We shot on location and on a set. The lighting for this campaign is very dramatic so working on a set gives me better control.┬á The set was masterly built by my set builder, Mark Bednark. He created a medical suite of offices and exam rooms. Obviously for pharma, medical offices are important. But they are hard to get as actual locations and here in New York they are all quite small. So we built and lit it, completing what might have been two days in on-location medical offices to one day on set. Stylist was the fabulous Gabrielle Rosenberg, who as always gives me tons of choices (she gets her own cube truck!).


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