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Shaka Party

I put together this lifestyle shoot with Shaka (the boxer) and his friends. I try to shoot personal projects on a regular basis. I also enjoy working with real people especially if they are friends. Sometimes I cast from Craigslist to get a look that is outside the commercial model/actor world. In this situation, they are all friends of Shaka.  For more images from this shoot, click here.

Rapping with Gorvernall

I did some portraits of a new Rap artist, Gorvernall. We shot him at a great recording studio on 26th Street.  There is also some video of him on my showreel located on my main website.

If you would like to see more images from the shoot CLICK HERE.

Travel to Thailand

I don’t usually post too many personal things here but I couldn’t resist launching a few shots from my recent trip to Thailand.┬á We traveled to Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. I’ve been there many times for jobs but this is the first time I brought my family.┬á Here are my kids on an elephant.

And my view from the top as I was rock climbing. (That’s my leg).

And here’s the lobby of this awesome hotel we stayed at in Chiang Mai, The Veranda.

Newspaper Vol. 8-The Lake

The current copy of my newspaper is out.┬á It’s from a shoot I did at an Upstate New York Lake with real people talent.┬á An all teen cast.┬á We spent a day shooting various themes around the water.┬á Many of the cast were lifeguards.┬á They would come over to our shoot in shifts.┬á All on their break from their work at a local camp. The complete download is available on my site or click here for a direct PDF download.


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