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Artist Series: Hilary Harkness

I photographed Hilary Harkness. Her paintings of lovely, sexy, curvy women at play, sometimes in some x-rated behaviour are very provocative.In researching her on Google. I came up with a rave of her work on Esquire magazine’s site and a listing that Google had identified as “pornographic.” But of course I found much more essays of critical acclaim for this Mary Boone represented artist. She paints out of a sunny apartment living and working with her pieces.

Shooting Beauty in Barcelona

I chose Barcelona because of the weather. It was suppose to be sunny and warm. Instead we spent the week in the rain. The first day of shooting was planned for inside so we could avoid the rain. We shot at a club/lounge (Ottozutz). Then went to an apartment for some couples’ themes. The second day we had found another interior. However, when we looked out at 6am, the sky was clear and we decided to scrap the location and head for the beach. There I was able to do a lot of very active shots and come up with more scenarios for the client. Within a few hours I was able to run around and try the various scenes that I had scripted. I was very happy to have had good weather. Even as we were walking back to the vans, I took a quick shot of two of the girls playing “Queen of the Hammock.” I have not posted any outakes or images from this campaign because I am waiting for the client to make their selections. But here are some behind the scenes:

Visual Leaders in Photography-Hamburg

I’m over here in Germany for a pre-pro meeting with the agency and clients before my Barcelona shoot. I came in on Saturday to work on beating the jet lag. Today I went all around Hamburg after running the harbor in the AM. The show to see was Visual Leaders 2009 at the Deichtorhallen. It was a juried show of awesome photography from print magazines and advertising. And it was packed!! Such a pleasure to see great work and to see it approached by the public. With so many magazines in the US folding and the constant buzz of video, video, it was nice to see some great reasons that the still photo rocks! Later that night we had wiener schnitzel at Vienna Restaurant. After having so many dried out versions in the US, they do it perfect here. Also, they have one of those cool train stations here.

I also can’t resist European Train Stations.┬á Here’s the one in Hamburg:


And this pretty wild piece at the KunstHalle. White Moths coming up the stairs by artist Lili Fischer.


AAS: Casting in Barcelona for Beauty Client

We are casting in Barcelona and Paris for this beauty that shoot I am doing next week. The coordinating the casting is the legendary Dodo Varazi. I prefer to have models that can act to bring more emotion to my shoot. Here’s two movies of the casting of one of our models, Amanda. The first is her headshot and the second is a link to show how she interacted with others. Please double click.

Click here for Amanda Casting 2

The New Site!!

Finally, my new site is up and running at After many fits and starts to build a better site I think I have it. I made the photos larger as bandwidth became greater and AD’s screens become bigger. Put more photos in it and emulated the order of my portfolio making it easier to update. Before I had a three photo panel so I had to edit for that and my printed portfolio separately. We have all of the specialties listed. I use to just show case lifestyle photography and keep a tab for the portrait and travel stuff but now I have changed my mind and want to show it all!!


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