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Swinging at Shaka


Today I photographed a young boxer named Shaka. He had been training my son and I really liked his look. We did the shots up in a warehouse gym in Mahopac, New York. This guy is ripped. At one point I had him take some shots on the camera and I was afraid I was going to have the eyepiece imbedded in my face!

Artists Series: Elizabeth Huey

Elizabeth has many layers to her work. There are many pictures in each frame. Every painting requires close attention to the detail. Her portrait was a performance and she chose to dress up for it, rather than be seen with brush in hand. Her dog is also a constant companion.

Artists Series: Anna Conway, Heather Rowe, Kevin Zucker

Anna Conway

My studio visit today was in DUMBO in Brooklyn to photograph Anna Conway, Heather Rowe, and Kevin Zucker. Their individual studios are all on the same floor so it made it easy to move from one to the next.   It’s interesting to see such good friends working close to each other but each able to maintain their own identity. Anna was working on a piece that later went up at Guild and Greyskul,  The gallery was closing and they had a huge show with works by most of the artists that they had shown over the years. The place was so packed, many of the sculptures were getting knocked over.

Dancing the night away

Sanders09103_1538.jpgI was hired by Palio in Saratoga Springs, NY to photograph some ads for a casino’s Night Club. It was a hectic yet very exciting day. The subjects were all real people, cast from the club itself, the agency, friends and some family. At one point the ACD, Nicholas Parslow figured there were 70 people on our set. I shot a combination of strobe and hot lights. I wanted our foreground people to be frozen and sharp while the background could blur out. Also by shooting at a slow shutter speed I was able to pull in the club’s own lighting to capture some of it’s architectural details. For the last shot of the night, the club was opened up for about 500 people to be in the background of our photograph. They danced away to a band called “The Refrigerators.”

Artist Series: Out with Fine Art photographer In Sook Kim

I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. In Sook Kim as she was photographing for an upcoming piece she is doing for the New York TImes Magazine. For this shoot, I tried to be a fly on the wall and photograph her as she put together one of her massive endeavors. This piece like many of hers involves photographing scenes in various apartments as seen from outside the building. She had an 8×10 camera set-up on a fire escape across the street. She lit and directed each apartment one floor at a time. She is Korean but lives in Germany. During the whole production she was speaking three languages, Korean, German and English. She’s very soft spoken but gets what she was looking for.


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