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New Website Thoughts

We are having some awesome weather here in the East. The nights are cool and the days are not too high. You can feel the seasons changing. ItÔÇÖs one reason I like the Northeast. September always fires me up to re ÔÇôexamine things and get back to work. Currently, I am working on a re-design of my website with my web guy, Chad Portas. Chad has been taking care of my website for many years. His first design got noticed by PDNÔÇÖs Photography annual. In my currently running version, I have pop-ups that are written to give you an idea of how I work. When I write those pieces I do it in a way to make it feel like I am describing the photo to you directly. When I first started taking my book around I loved sitting down with someone and describing my work. This website enabled me to do that. But itÔÇÖs time for change. We currently looking to make the images larger and get a cleaner interface. Here are some of ChadÔÇÖs designs:

This is the one I like:

And this is it’s rollover state:

Do you know that I have never met Chad in person. We carry on all our dialog thru emails and phone calls. I liked a website he did many years ago and we got in touch but never personally met. ItÔÇÖs working out so well maye we should never meet.

LeBook Ad–Changed my mind

Back to work. Decided to change my LeBook ad. This is more interesting. The whole MCA collection of photos looks very editorial for 2009 and I think this looks much better.

Mont Tremblant, Canada

Part of my vacation was at the Westin in Tremblant. We have vacationed here in the winter for skiing. We love the European village feel and the French accent makes it all seem so far away. For the whole week we expect not to get back into the car again. You can walk to all the activities and the restaurants. We went fishing and swimming in the lake; I did a lot of mountain biking on some very tough and wet trails. One trail had this narrow banked bridge on it. One mistake and you’re in the muck. My son and I went paintballing. We do that at home so we brought out gear to the park. I think it impressed the others as we were referred to as the ÔÇ£ProfessionalsÔÇØ. My daughter and I did some rock climbing. She has only done climbing gyms before so it was great to get her on some real stone! Our last night we had dinner in a French seafood restaurant called Patrick Bermand. Just wonderful. Even the simple food places like hamburgers and fries seem to be done with flair here.

LeBook Ad Preview

I was going over my LeBook ad for next year with Catarina from MargeÔÇÖs office. ItÔÇÖs always hard to make a decision about what to put in. I totally sweat over the decisions. How are people using that book to find photographers? Are they going through it looking for a particular image or is it as a general reminder that these are the photographers out there? I decided to put in two photos from my recent lake shoot. I wanted to include something that has some cinematic emotion behind it and another that represents the active lifestyle that I shoot.

Weekend Fishing

Went fishing yesterday; caught fifteen good-sized stripe bass and bluefish. Ate one bass for dinner. We had Wok and Roll, the Chinese place on Main Street, cook it up. It doesnÔÇÖt get fresher than this. Driving out of Montauk I realize why I like this place so much. I grew up outside of Philadelphia in a town call Media, PA (how apropos is that?). Every summer we would go to the Jersey Shore and get a house for a week on Long Beach Island. I always liked it. It wasnÔÇÖt honky-tonk like Wildwood or built up like the Hamptons, it was about the beach. All the houses were simple and the restaurants unpretentious. Montauk has those rough edges. I know I could walk in with sand on my feet and get something to eat. The Hamptons is really Manhattan by the beach with all the fabulous restaurants or maybe Westchester by the beach with all the manicured lawns.

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This is the production blog for Photographer/Director Chris Sanders; filled with mutterings and musing to ponder. Please visit his website at www.chris-sanders.com. Unless otherwise noted, all images are Copyright Chris Sanders. All uses are strictly reserved.

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