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Artist Series: Mika Rottenberg

Mika Rottenberg

Mika Rottenberg at her apartment. I usually photograph artists in their working environment but she was in-between projects so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet her.

Artist Series: Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith

Kiki works out of her brownstone on the Lower East Side. It’s a beautiful and quiet space. There is no separate “studio space. She creates art anywhere in the space that she feels inspired.

Artist Series: Leonardo Drew

Leonardo Drew

Leonardo is a sculptor. He works on several pieces at one, lining up smaller sections on the floor. The studio is a unique structure in Queens. His street is mostly small residential brownstones but his building is a three story block building with a two story working space. He petals around the neighborhood in his three wheel bike looking for material for his pieces. There is so much incredible details to his pieces.


Right now we are in pre-pro for some drug advertising for Bristol Myers Squibb. The casting is being done by my long time casting director Stephanie(who also produces sometimes for me). She casts in video for me because I like to see how well the talent can act. I canÔÇÖt just go with a face from a still. Will they be able to play the role? Steph and I work out a role to play for the casting and sometimes do a pre-cast from cards. That way we can maximize the time we spent with the talent on camera. After she completes her casting day, the shoot is uploaded to a website so that the AD and I can pick out selects.


Stuart Hart of The New Cruelty is the crack producer on this job. HeÔÇÖs extremely detailed oriented and not beyond getting his hands dirty scouting and triple checking the location before we get there. Stuart has hired location scout Mark of WhereÔÇÖ bouts. Mark has culled his files to find us some locations based on our initial discussion. This helps us narrow down what we want before he goes out and physically scouts the job.


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