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W Magazine: Brian Belott

My portrait session with Brian Belott was in the Annual Arts Issue of Conde Nast’s W Magazine. Brian is a multi-faceted artist who works in a variety of mediums. Several of his pieces are in MOMA’s Collection. One of the areas he explores is the use of found objects to create collages or used as part of larger paintings. His studio contains tons of material from his New York street search for objects. He also has performed on stage, at times lighting his hair on fire. It was a pleasure to see his process and shoot a variety of sit-ups with him.

For more from my artists series, check out

Audible: Zachary Quinto

Working with the Audible team is great, and their current campaign is continuing to develop. They’re promoting their exclusive audiobooks, read with the familiar voices of celebrities. The text-overlay Audible design in combination with Zachary Quinto’s photogenically expressive face make this one of my favorites of our recent shoots together (but can I really choose a favorite?).

“The Dispatcher” is a short story written exclusively for Audible by John Scalzi. It’s up to the listener to decide if the all-powerful narrator is god or devil or a mix of the two, and Quinto’s voice is a perfect fit for such a dichotomous character. Plus, he was a pleasure to work with, and I hope to have him on set again someday in the future.

Stay tuned for images of other celebrity narrators, as I’m excited to say the Audible project is ongoing.

Thompson Miami: Video + Stills, Lifestyle + Interiors

I’m very excited to show the video from a project I created for Thompson Miami Hotel. Having such a dynamic and diverse team made this an efficient and productive five-day shoot that included both video and stills, lifestyle and interiors. The result is more like storytelling than advertising, living a “day in the life” in sunny South Beach.


Creative Director:  Scott Williams

Agency Producer:   Kelly Kruse

Mahershala Ali for Audible


At it again working with Audible on a campaign. This time, I had the honor of shooting Mahershala Ali, an actor you may recognize for playing Remy Danton on House of Cards. He’s also starring in the upcoming civil war drama Free State of Jones, directed by Gary Ross and based on the book by Leonard Hartman. Mahershala is narrating the audiobook. On-set, he was great to work with, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the new film.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes from set that day:




Project Artist: Updates

Heather Rowe

(above) Heather Rowe

I’ve been sorting through past artist shoots lately, ones I hadn’t gotten around to including on the Project:Artist website. (If you’re not familiar, Project:Artist is my long-running passion-project of mine, a series of portraits of artists.) New on the website are TM Davy, Rune Olson, Brenden Cass, Ernesto Caivano, Jerald Ieans, In Sook Kim, and Heather Rowe.

Sanders09129_2787-1(above) Rune Olson; (below) TM DavySanders09142_018128



To see all the new artists added, check out the website:


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