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Launched just this week is my Global Campaign for, Amazon’s audible book company.  Shot over several days, we cast sensitive actors to listen and react to emotion-inducing stories.  I would work with each actor and put them through a series of emotions from Horror, to Suspense, to Laughter and everything in between.  We excerpted stories (even Shades of Gray), played mood-provoking music, and even verbally described a suspenseful scene in a dark hallway, all to produce some visual response.  R/GA did some wonderful type treatments for each based on a particular novel.

Barbara  Ward Thall – SVP, Global Brand Marketing –

Tom Monahan – Senior Manager, Brand Strategy –

Mike Rigby – Executive Creative Director, R/GA New York

Casting – Donna Grossman

Styling – Joe Delate

Cruisin’ Around the Caribbean

Can’t tell you the client. Can’t tell you the ship. Can’t show you the finals.

But I can tell you: we had a great time aboard one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

We were shooting still photos and video with numerous models and traveling around the caribbean.

For you tech heads, I got the chance to shoot with the new Sony FS-7 in 4k and slow-mo. We had two on-board: one for regular shooting and one for steadicam.

Thought I’d share a little behind-the-scenes with you.

Lifestyle for Kimpton Karma

Shot a series of images in Los Angeles for the Kimpton Hotel group’s preferred guest program called Kimpton Karma.  We used the Palomar Hotel in West LA.  I love the weather in LA.  As a lifestyle shooter, I like to shoot modifying  natural light.  So LA’s the place for (almost) always sunny skies.  Plus the talent is quite diverse and the crews are professional.

Citizens Newspaper

Special Addition of my newspaper. I shoot a lot of active lifestyle. And I wanted to include some of our older citizens into the mix. It’s not just young people that run around. It all started when I traveled down to my in-laws place in Florida and saw such exuberance, I had to set up some shots. Such active and sporty people with a real positive attitude. They all were so busy. Bridge on Tuesday. Bocce on Thursday. Golf every other day. Most were there for the winter months and complained that when they went home in the summer, it was too quiet where they lived (Not enough older people with free time). So I decided to shoot a themed newspaper to showcase this energy.


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