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EPK for Late Cambrian

Shot a Electronic Press Kit opening for my Late Cambrian music video. The band needed an intro and outro for Cool TV where they were being featured. This is shot here in New York.

Building a Room Set–Time Lapse. Three weeks in Three Minutes.

Here’s a fun time lapse I did for an interiors client. They saw my Nantucket Time Lapse Video and thought it would be interesting to show how their Showroom Display is set up. The whole process took almost 3 weeks from the start from empty room to the complete Showroom. I set-up three camera permanently mounted to the walls. Shots were taken at regular intervals during the construction resulting in over 300,000 exposures. I then went back in with my editor to pull the most interesting sequences to produce the final version.

Directing a Video and Shooting Stills for Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Here’s my director’s cut for a two minute video I did for PKT’s pharma client. It’s being shown globally but not inside the US. It’s about HPV and the importance of vaccinating young teens against this sexually transmitted virus. We shot over several days here in New York: beach, school, park, street scenes. The casting was rigorous with us looking at over 350 teens for 18 diverse roles. There is no dialog as each country will cut graphics in their native language. In addition, I shot stills for the print uses. I’ve been doing a lot of combo set-ups this way. It’s very efficient to utilize the production elements for both video and stills (and vice versa). The lighting doesn’t change (much) as I light with hot lights(no strobes), The action is something I worked out so we don’t have to reset for stills, and I know when we have to change scenes for the video and thus I can get in there and shoot the stills. Very Active, much fun. I was using Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life as inspiration. Shot on the RED Epic for the slo-mo. Cooke Lenses.

Client: Pharmaceutical
Agency: PKT
Agency Exec Producer: Andy Cornelius
Creative Directors: Lynn Crosswaite, Wendy Marks
Agency Producer/Sr. Art Buyer: Sandra Locke
Producer: Brian Gibson/Anderson Hopkins
DP:  Bob Blankemeier
Editorial/Motion Graphics: Craig Warnick/Madhouse
Casting: Donna Grossman

Do you like to look behind the scenes? Well, here you go!

Project:Artist Website Launch

For years now, I have been shooting portraits of artists, most in their place of work. We usually only see a piece of art as it’s displayed on a white wall at the gallery.  It’s great to see where it was created and what environment the artist uses to create their work.  I’ve been very fortunate to have met and photographed some very interesting people.  Most have been here in New York, but when I travel I try to reach out to others.  I’ve created a website to begin showing this work (some are in my portrait section of my website).  I’ve started to load them into  I’ll update periodically with some more people.  I also created a hand bound book of the first group of artists.  It’s displayed in the video below.

Here’s the PDF of the book.


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