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New and Improved Website!!

annoucement of the new website

I’ve updated my website and chose to go HTML 5 to eliminate the Flash issue. Because my old Flash site was not viewable on IPADs and smartphones, we had constructed a separate website that ran on those devices. Well, I have enough things going on besides updating two websites every time we had something new (on top of printing the book for my agent).  That was a pain in the a**. Plus the new site is simple and easily showcases my print and video work. I know people don’t have a lot of time to be surfing for photographers/directors, so we made it run faster as well. Even included a nine image thumbnail at the head of each video to allow you to get an idea what the piece is about before you play it.

Cover of The Wine Enthusiast Magazine

My cover shot of 40 Tastemakers Under 40 for The Wine Enthusiast Magazine is out. I shot on white background in New York and Napa Valley some of the influential personalities in the wine and sprit business. It was a very fun shoot getting people to jump off boxes, throw wine in the air, and just have a good time. The music was influential as well. Each subject got to pick their own Spotify channel. I think that helped. This enabled me to bring a lifestyle feel to the shoot. The magazine ran there first ever triple gatefold. DOP: Megan Baggott CD: Marco Turelli

Shooting a TV Commercial and Print Campaign in Puerto Rico

I can’t post much yet but I thought I’d show a few behind the scenes of a recent TV commercial I directed and it’s companion print ads on location in Puerto Rico. It’s for an American consumer product (with non disclosure agreements, I can’t reveal any details until the pieces come out. But I promise to update when I can). I was there for two weeks casting first in Miami, then Puerto Rico. The weather turned out fantastic. We had scenes in cars, rain scenes with some great water effects, and did a studio set with a set build. For you tech heads, we shot with the Red Epic in normal speed and slo mo. The local crew was top notch. I felt like I was shooting in New York or LA with the level of skill I was seeing. The agency and clients were a pleasure to work with (I mean that; I didn’t have to type it, you know). It was a fun warm location shoot after dealing with our rather cool spring in New York. Stay tuned. I’ve seen the rough cut and I’m looking forward to showing it all Photos by Francisco Ferrer).


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