Mens' Journal Cover

My story on a Baja Mexico Sea Kayaking trip came out in the August issue of MenÔÇÖs Journal. We traveled for almost a week by sea kayak through the Sea of Cortez. We started in Loretto and ended pulling out at La Paz. We camped out each night and it was gorgeous! The terrain was a bit like Arizona meets the Caribbean. I had expected to be in a kayak all the time but the expedition group had planned on me traveling via a chase boat.   The boat enabled me to get a variety of angles on the situation but it certainly was different from my past MenÔÇÖs Journal expeditions-Snowmobiling Newfoundland for ten days (!) and sea kayaking Lake Powell with John Bowermaster. In both situations, I was participating with the group. In Newfoundland we rode snowmobiles thru virgin wilderness, shoveling out hunting huts each night to cook dinner and sleep. With John we traveled by kayak and camped each night among the craggy canyons.

In Mexico, Steve our expedition leader had his Mexican crew cook us a great meal each night under the stars. Of course, I was running back and forth to my tent downloading the dayÔÇÖs images while shooting night stuff. IÔÇÖm certainly not complaining. It was a great trip and because it almost never rains there this time of year, the weather was perfect.

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