This weekend I was up at a friend’s lake house and I brought along my 8×10 and some B+W film. I love the 8×10 but with all the digital toys I have been using, it sat in my basement waiting. I brought it out this weekend and really got back into it. It’s a totally different way of working. You have to be very methodical in choosing your shots. Unlike my fast shooting, bang off several variations in minutes, digital camera, I have to really decide which is the best angle; which is the best shot. No chance to try some shots here and some shots there.

It’s time consuming but the results can be amazing. The clarity, the form, and the shallow depth of field. Equipment are just tools to get to what you want to show. But using different tools wakes you up and sparks something new and unique. I still love taking out a plastic toy camera to take photos. Two weeks ago, I found a 2 megapixel camera I had and I’m working on doing massive blow-ups with it. I realize that with photoshop you can replicate many of these looks. But what about the magic of organically finding that look? I much prefer to try a unique effect in the field then to wait until I’m back in the office in the dark on the computer.

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