I can’t post much yet but I thought I’d show a few behind the scenes of a recent TV commercial I directed and it’s companion print ads on location in Puerto Rico. It’s for an American consumer product (with non disclosure agreements, I can’t reveal any details until the pieces come out. But I promise to update when I can). I was there for two weeks casting first in Miami, then Puerto Rico. The weather turned out fantastic. We had scenes in cars, rain scenes with some great water effects, and did a studio set with a set build. For you tech heads, we shot with the Red Epic in normal speed and slo mo. The local crew was top notch. I felt like I was shooting in New York or LA with the level of skill I was seeing. The agency and clients were a pleasure to work with (I mean that; I didn’t have to type it, you know). It was a fun warm location shoot after dealing with our rather cool spring in New York. Stay tuned. I’ve seen the rough cut and I’m looking forward to showing it all Photos by Francisco Ferrer).

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