I recently returned from LA shooting a lifestyle campaign for a cell phone company. I’ll show you the images once they are released. It seems like I spend a good part of the winter in Los Angeles. Since the weather is so much nicer (especially now with all the New York snow), it makes it easier to shoot my outdoor scenes. It’s one thing to ask a talent to become a character for my scenes. It’s another thing for them to brave the cold and be pretending it’s nice and balmy.

I have a great crew in LA, so it’s very easy to get a quality shoot done. I have shot in Miami but I feel that the talent is more diverse and of greater depth due to the film business here. Also, the style of architecture is not as varied in Miami. We can find almost everything in LA. And since most of my shoots are for the entire US (and sometimes the world) we have to make it appear like it is anywhere. So palm trees are a no-no.

Typically, I like to stay in Santa Monica because of the beach. I’m a runner and it’s easy to go down the path toward Venice and Marina del Rey without worrying about getting run over by cars. Clients lately seem to be staying more in Santa Monica as well. Shutters and their sister hotel, Casa del Mar, have a big agency following. The one thing that I don’t like about LA is the traffic. I’m not used to sitting in my car for hours on end. It seems like a big waste of time. If I were to live here, I would have to find a way to work in the car. Maybe a voice activated email system.

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