Here are some images from a shoot for Kimpton’s Eventi Hotel here in Manhattan on Sixth Avenue. I did a mix of interiors and lifestyle for this modern chic hotel. I, personally, love people in every shot even if it’s a hint of the person as seen by a blur or a back of the head, etc. When traveling I accomplish that by using people I meet and staff. It’s just tough if you need someone to swim in the pool at 5am. This shoot required a clean look and well polished interiors which represent how the place feels when you come in. Many commercial clients need cleaner interiors to show the “wow” and beauty of the space. If this was an editorial shoot I probably would have messed up the bed and make things more lived in.

This hotel is a pleasure to shoot. I love to wander the halls with my camera looking for details and angles to make an image. I usually do a scout that way then come back and re-light or re-dress if needed. I find that many times my initial reactions to the room are the right ones. But it’s important to make note of that; the many options that later present themselves may dull your “gut” feeling from the first day. Initial impressions are everything.

For more of my interior and architecture work, my agent has set up a special link.

One Bedroom Suite at the Eventi, Photo By Chris Sanders

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