Shot a Branding Campaign for Thompson Hotels.  We created Urban, Sexy imagery in Toronto and New York.  (Later, we did some resort images in Miami, but that’s for another blog post).  I love the look of these hotels:  modern, clean, rich textures.  I cast actors (good looking ones) to act out the roles I gave them.  Makes for interesting interaction between them for the camera.

We shot stills and video for this campaign.  I’ve been doing a lot of dual visuals lately.  Makes sense from a production stand point as my workflow is having actors act out a scene; then I photograph and video record it.  Gives a consistent look to a campaign.



Creative Director: Scott Williams

Senior Creative Services Manager: Kelly Kruze

AH Producer: Brian Gibson

Stylist (New York): Joe Delate

Casting (New York): Donna Grossman

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