Just got back from a great trip of meetings in Germany. I love to travel and I love to see things new again. If you stay in the same environment, you begin to lose sight of the details. Fire Hydrants, they are different over there. The way people dress is so much nicer. If you don’t shake it up, you lose sight of the things that excite you. I went to Frankfurt, K├Âln, D├╝sseldorf, and Hamburg. Met with old friends and made many new friends. Went to museums on my free time. Even rented the city bikes in Hamburg. You swipe your card, ride the bike, then leave it at another bike station in town. Why don’t we have this in New York? I traveled by train which compared to Amtrak is fantastic. On time, clean, and fast. The train was moving about 150mph with no noise and no rocking motion. I shot the following with my iphone and have been posting through Instagram to my twitter feed but I thought I would place the photos here as well.

Cologne Train Station

Dom, Cologne


Hamburg Harbor

Hamburg Harbor

Cafe Hamburg

BA Flight to LHR

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