IÔÇÖve been a little silent of late on this blog and thatÔÇÖs because I was completely focused on a job I finished last week. I had the wonderful and exciting experience of shooting two TV commercials for a Pharmaceutical client. I canÔÇÖt show you the footage yet or give you complete info due to confidentiality clauses with the client and the agency but when I can post it, I will. In the meantime, hereÔÇÖs some production stills.

Since much of my lifestyle print is based on scripted action, talent that can act, and a fluid camera style, I felt very natural with a live action commercial. For you tech heads, we shot with the RED and not because of itÔÇÖs ability to do 4K stills but itÔÇÖs large sensor.┬á This sensor allowed us to use some excellent optics like Cooke primes and Angenieux zooms.

The shoot was headed up by the very experienced and super-calm producer, Jon Messner. The DP was the very talented Derek McKane, who was a great collaborator with this very visual director/photographer. Providing tons of options on beautiful clothes– my long time stylistÔÇöGabrielle Rosenberg. We shot for two days at a huge estate out in Oyster Bay Long Island. The estate provided us tons of different locations that we could efficiently capture with our eight talent.The talent was mostly women ranging from age 20 to over 50. I was very excited about the whole process.┬á We had almost 60 people on set.┬á It was very interesting to take my ideas, describe them to the crew, and watch everything fall into place.┬á The process enabled me to stay focused on the talents’ acting and the camera movement.








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