My brother-in-law is getting married on Long Island this weekend, so we decided to get a head start on it and head for Montauk for a few days. I love the beach and so does my family but we have seldom gone to the Hamptons. I live in Westchester and that makes the Hamptons particularly far. As a matter of fact, it would take forever with the typical rush hour traffic. Even mid-day here on a Tuesday we came to a crawl several times. I guess the only way to get here is by helicopter. IÔÇÖll have to remember that next time.

Usually we like to go to lakes. We are all very active and we water-ski, wakeboard and I mountain bike. We have an old Sunfish that friends gave us, so itÔÇÖs a great vehicle for my kids to get wet. Flipping the boat over is the only reason they sail. On the 4th of July, we spent a lot of time with some friends who have a ÔÇ£campÔÇØ on Lake Piseco in the Adirondacks.

Back to Montauk. We had lunch at the classic Lobster Roll restaurant, also called ÔÇ£LunchÔÇØ, then hung at the beach. I saw this couple come by and they got very animated about something they were building or designing. The guy was designing something in the sand with his foot. Were they designing a house. Outlining their expenses. Stories everywhere.

Here’s what they were drawing:


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