Went fishing yesterday; caught fifteen good-sized stripe bass and bluefish. Ate one bass for dinner. We had Wok and Roll, the Chinese place on Main Street, cook it up. It doesnÔÇÖt get fresher than this. Driving out of Montauk I realize why I like this place so much. I grew up outside of Philadelphia in a town call Media, PA (how apropos is that?). Every summer we would go to the Jersey Shore and get a house for a week on Long Beach Island. I always liked it. It wasnÔÇÖt honky-tonk like Wildwood or built up like the Hamptons, it was about the beach. All the houses were simple and the restaurants unpretentious. Montauk has those rough edges. I know I could walk in with sand on my feet and get something to eat. The Hamptons is really Manhattan by the beach with all the fabulous restaurants or maybe Westchester by the beach with all the manicured lawns.

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